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Easter Egg Speedrun Timing Method Vote & Theatre Mode Submission

Good afternoon ZWR members,     


As mentioned in the Pause Abuse Rule Removal post on 4/10/2024, we will be hosting a vote for the timing method for Easter Egg Speedruns.  Please take a moment and fill out the Google form found below. Vote submissions will be closed after 5/3/2024.    


One additional announcement,  

As of 04/26/2024, theater mode submissions will no longer be allowed to be used as the main footage of a submission. Players are encouraged to stream or record the raw footage of their game.  Although it is recommended for all players to have raw footage for coop submissions, theater mode is acceptable unless you are the host. The host will still be responsible for pregame lobby/showing elixirs and proof of restarts. All previous runs will remain on the leaderboards.


  • ZWR Administration
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