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Pause Abuse Rule Removal

Good evening everyone,    

The EE Speedrun "pause abuse" rule has been REMOVED. This decision was made because the rule was not being enforced, and there is lots of disagreement on what is considered "pause abuse." This currently means that any kind of pauses are ALLOWED.    

Due to the of the removal of this rule, we will be hosting another vote for the timing method of EE Speedruns. Players will have the option to vote for the current timing method, In-Game Time (IGT) meaning that pauses are not timed and can be for any reason and/or length. Alternatively, players may vote to change it to Real-Time (RTA) meaning no pausing of the timer is allowed for any reason. Any sort of loading times such as loading in between maps in the Super EE Speedrun would not be timed.     

The vote mentioned above will be taking place starting 4/25/24.    

- ZWR Administration

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