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We are seeking Developers!

Zombies World Records (ZWR) is on the Hunt for LAMP Stack Developers! 

Are you passionate about the undead and possess an unyielding spirit for development? Do you dream in PHP and dance with MySQL? If you're nodding yes, then it’s time to join our mission at Zombies World Records (ZWR)! We're the leading platform dedicated to documenting and celebrating the most hair-raising, spine-chilling zombie records across the globe, and we're on the lookout for talented developers to help us grow our digital necropolis.

What We’re Looking For:

Proficiency in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack with a portfolio that brings your code to life. A knack for slaying bugs faster than a zombie apocalypse and optimizing performance to keep our servers more alive than our subjects. Creativity in developing user-friendly interfaces that would attract both the living and the undead. The ability to collaborate with a team of passionate developers, designers, and zombie enthusiasts to create the most engaging experience for our global community. Why ZWR?

Join a unique, niche community where your work directly contributes to the global zombie enthusiast community. Work remotely with a flexible schedule – because we know zombies don’t stick to 9-5. Be part of a supportive and dynamic team that values creativity, innovation, and diversity. Opportunities for growth and learning new technologies in a fast-paced, exciting environment. Roles & Responsibilities:

Develop and maintain our web platform using the LAMP stack. Work closely with the team to plan, design, and implement new features. Ensure the platform runs smoothly, efficiently, and securely for our global audience. Participate in code reviews, team meetings, and brainstorming sessions for continuous improvement. How to Apply: Ready to embark on this adventure? If you've got the skills and the guts, we'd love to hear from you. Apply now by filling out our application form here: <> .

Don't miss this chance to leave your mark on the world... of zombies! We're excited to see what you bring to the ZWR community. 

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