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Good Afternoon @everyone


Hope everyones day is going fantastic along with the first initial weeks of November.

I hope those of you that have bought it are enjoying the new Call Of Duty, I personally have mixed opinions on it and will have to see how it plays out.


Nonetheless, many of you are having complaints regarding the time it is taking to approve and accept your records onto the site. I also have a problem with this and feel deeply saddened to the fact that we were once on an average of 24 hours for acceptance of records.


I sincerely apologise for this, and this to put it bluntly, comes down to the current influx of submissions onto the site and lack of staff, having been 1000+ submissions put forward onto the site already not two weeks into the month.


So, I put the offer out there once again,


If anybody is interested in the site & would like to support it through this trying time, I urge you to apply to staff to help support the community we know and love.


Kind Regards,


ZWR Management

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