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More UI Updates

Hi everyone.

As I'm sure many of you have already seen, we've implemented some new UI changes. This is to allow easier navigation for the site, as well as making it slightly more user friendly.

We have also lowered the amount of advertisements we had on the site previously and will slowly start changing the way the platforms work. Instead of specifying which Xbox you used (i.e., 360, one, Series X), or Playstation you used (i.e., 3, 4, or 5), there will only be one option for each: PC, Xbox, and Playstation. We will also be introducing Crossplay once again due to the new zombies games allowing this feature. This has not yet been changed, but we will begin the process in the near future.

We have some really cool ideas for the site moving forward, and we look forward to showing them off in due time. Thanks again for your support!

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