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BO2 No Perks Survival

Hi everyone.

Just letting you all know, with thanks to your suggestions, we're happy to announce that we have released no perks for survival maps on BO2.

We will be getting around to creating a system that will check for leaderboards with less than 3 submissions every so often (we are yet to decide on a time). If it meets these parameters, the boards will be removed. We are not removing boards to remove any competitiveness, but simply to ensure we are maintaining within our storage limits. While we're on this note, I'd like to highlight the 3p and 4p boards for no perks and no jug. If we were to implement these for every game, as requested, we would be introducing over 400 new boards. We already have enough boards without submissions as is (for 2p), introducing more unnecessary boards will clutter the site, and add unnecessary storage.

We will not be mentioning this further, please refer back to the discussion forum if you have any questions.

Thanks guys and we hope these new boards bring some extra runs for you all.

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