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New BO2 Easter Egg Boards

Hi everyone, Hope you're all doing well!

Just a quick announcement to let you know that we are slowly implementing a few suggestions that you guys have posted in the Discord. First and foremost, we would like to announce that we have implemented new BO2 easter egg boards. With thanks to custom GSCs created by ChuckV107, Raheem and Huth, you are now able to play all easter eggs on BO2 either solo, 2p or 3p. Since previously all maps had 4p available, bringing in these extra boards will look to bring more competition and enjoyment to those who may find zombies at a stagnant stage.

These GSCs do NOT have any RNG modified in them, as per the rules for the EE community for BO2. Furthermore, they are 100% safe to install

Further information on this has been posted in the "resources" channel and as the day goes on, we will be adding the GSCs to each rule page.

Please refer to

Secondly, we are currently rehauling the main rules page as well as our game/challenge/map specific rules to ensure consistency and up-to-date rules throughout. Please bare with us while we do this.

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