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We have now opened the "resources" channel for those who may wish to download games, patches, tools and/or resources. Please bare in mind that this may not include every resource available, and if anyone has anything that can be added (and is helpful), then please contact us so we can edit these.

Please note that some of these patches are not allowed for typical ZWR rules. Please pay attention to the rules for each specific game before submitting to the site with the use of some of these patches. They are there to help you learn the games, the strats, and anything else.

In addition, we have also opened the "forum" channel so you can open threads to discuss strategies, any questions about the leaderboards and/or site, rule sets, etc. We will be moderating this channel so any intolerable behavior will be removed. This allows for a cleaner discussion - instead of multiple discussions happening in one channel, they will be separated correctly to ensure nobody is confused about what they are talking about.

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